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4.2 / 5


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Super Clash Crossover Review

Super Clash Crossover is an app created by ClashDev. Super Clash Crossover was first published on . It is accessible on the following platforms: Steam.

  • Indie characters! Each faithfully recreated, most of them keep their graphics, abilities & controls from the games they come from. They even have their same health systems, HUDs, and inventories.
  • Workshop characters! Each inspired by a classic character, especially from the NES/SNES/Sega era. By default these template characters are unplayable as they only come with movesets, no skins. Get their skins from the Workshop or make your own.
  • Adventure mode! Solo or 2-4 player co-op, play through full campaigns from the Workshop.
  • In-game level editor & Adventure Mode Maker! You can use your own graphics, tilesets, & sound, or the built-in indie content, or new content from the Workshop, to make entire games, with cutscenes & overworlds. Multiple genres supported: platformer, run-n-gun, Metroidvania, and fighting.
  • Battle mode! 1-life rounds with the option to respawn as a ghost after death.
  • Use Steam's Remote Play Together or Parsec to play online.
  • In-game Workshop browser! Seamlessly get new characters & campaigns in the pre-game lobby with a couple button presses.
  • Character-specific item system! Each character gets their own items & upgrades from the various item containers.
  • Full gamepad support! Including actual SNES controllers (via USB adapter).

Super Clash Crossover

4.2 / 5

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Author: ClashDev

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