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Snow Horse Review

Snow Horse is an app designed by KinifiGames LLC. Snow Horse was first published on . It is currently available for Steam, Other.


"1 out of 10 but + 9 for fun!"- GAMESPOT

"Its a Horse on a snowboard god damn it!" - KOTAKU

"HAY! We herd this game was fun!" - IGN

This is Snow Horse - The snowboarding horse game you never asked for but always wanted. Bring your snowboarding skills to the next level by being a horse.

Twitch Official Levels

  • Two Twitch Levels created for the 2016 PJSaltan at Pax West
  • Twitch Snowboard Graphic


SNOWHORSE is a hilarious and funny game. Its not to be taken seriously.... unless you are wearing a pumpkin head while doing a 1080 because that is actually hard to do.

Key Features

  • Holy crap is that a horse on a snowboard
  • Look it can do 360s, double bobity boops, swifty schwiftys, all that jazz
  • Race downhill as fast as you can and crash into a giant bullseye, like a real horse
  • Show off your skills to your friends dumb enough to enjoy a game with a horse on a snowboard
  • Customize your horse. Bet you never thought you’d get to do that, would you?

Snow Horse

4 / 5

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Author: KinifiGames LLC
Size: 500 MB available space

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